White Collar Crimes

It’s quite easy for a Law Enforcement official to abandon the complexities of modern business billing and practices to boil down a numbers case to: you took someone else’s stuff.

It’s outrageous that business people are accused of wrong doing by certain Law Enforcement officers that find Quicken a little too sophisticated to handle their taxes.

Or worse, when the Federal government misunderstands the issue between billing for a complex case versus billing hours spent with a patient and recklessly charges a physician with Medicare Fraud because they don’t understand the complex system of coding. And as billing has become exponentially difficult due to new Medical Legislation, it is more important than ever to be represented by an attorney who regularly employs medical billing experts in the defense of his clients.

Above all, hire an attorney who won’t let you get steam rolled by the accusations which will cripple your practice and end any progress in your career.