Computer Crimes

Computer Crimes

In the age of social media and websites, google and youtube, what forensic electronic evidence can describe and prove multiplies daily. Law Enforcement is woefully behind in understanding how metadata, cellular tower information, cookies on apps, and other information lurking in your phone or your computer can demonstrate that what you assert as your side of the story is in fact logged and documented in electronic data.

As an example:

Imagine the horror of finding out your first attorney tried to talk you in to pleading guilty to a possession of child pornography charge for an image that wasn’t even viewable? You decide to get a second opinion before taking a deal that would have kept you in prison for more than Five (5) years. Thank goodness you went to an attorney that understood digital imaging.

LimeWire, a file sharing program can download files that are “close enough” to your search terms without you actively asking for those specific files. Which means, you can be charged for electronic contraband on your computer that you never intentionally downloaded, possessed, or savored. But because Prosecutors typically don’t bother viewing the evidence of heinous crimes before trial preparation, defendants can be spooked in to pleading out because of the draconian possibilities of sentences.

Hire an attorney that isn’t afraid to view the evidence in ALL CASES. You may just hire the only lawyer in town that will discover that the contraband CANNOT BE OPENED by anyone, and therefore CANNOT BE POSSESSED.

Hiring the right attorney and relying on that attorney’s advice can be the difference between exoneration and incarceration.