Finding A Defense Attorney in Frisco, TX

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney is an important decision that can heavily affect your case. But looking for the best attorney can be an overwhelming process. A simple google search will lead to hundreds of results. As you are deciding on the criminal defense attorney that is best for you, it can be helpful to know the qualities that you should be looking out for.

Finding a Defense Attorney in Frisco, TX

  1. Experience

You should steer clear of general practitioners and find an attorney that specializes in criminal defense, particularly the crime you have been accused of. Criminal defense law is very complex and not all criminal defense attorneys will have experience in the exact crime that you are being accused of. For example, if you have been charged with a DWI, you should find a lawyer that has experience defending against DWI charges. With experience comes an in-depth knowledge of the laws and nuances of each crime. An experienced attorney will be able to work most effectively and efficiently on your case and not waste your time or money.

  1. Communication

You should search for a lawyer who is responsive and communicates well. Your defense attorney should not only take the time to return your phone calls and but also spend time explaining the process, the steps that will be taken, and the different outcomes that you can expect. If you find an attorney who is being dismissive or unclear, move on. It is important that you are comfortable with your attorney and able to clearly and easily express any questions or concerns that come up during your case.

  1. Preparation

An attorney that is churning out cases as fast as they can is not going to give you the attention that you need. Instead, find an attorney that will be hands-on and take the time to fully prepare your case. You want an attorney who will work hard on your case to build a successful defense strategy and deliver the best outcome possible.

  1. Honesty

Good and honest attorneys should inform you about all possible outcomes. An experienced attorney knows that they cannot control every part of your case. There are many variables that can affect a case, such as other the attorneys, judges, and witnesses. Specific promises about guaranteed outcomes is a major red flag.

  1. Locality

The importance of finding a local Frisco criminal defense attorney should not be overlooked. You want to find an attorney who practices in the county where your case will be tried. Each county has slightly different rules and ways of doing things. Collin County is different from nearby Dallas County or Denton County.

Additionally, relationships can play a large role in your case. Local attorneys know and have connections with the court staff, judges, police officers, and local prosecutors making them more effective than out-of-town attorneys.

Your Frisco, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Philip D. Ray is a local Frisco criminal defense attorney that checks all the boxes above. If you have been accused of a crime and are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney, call the Law Office of Philip D. Ray at (469) 588-6770.