Should an Arrestee Talk to the Police?

You see a lot of videos about this on the internet now. I think the most important thing for you to understand is honestly, no matter what you do, whether you talk to them or not, how you behave is the most important thing. Because how you come across in those first few moments is how the jury is first going to see you. Almost every trial begins with, how did law enforcement come in contact with the defendant? If you are not respectful, and the way I teach my kids is you must be respectful and kind, if you are not that sort of person, you need to turn it on immediately, get humble, and treat the police with respect.

Not because they deserve it; not because they are treating you in a manner where you feel like that you ought to, but because it is going to come out how you acted. If you can decline to speak to the police in a manner that is respectful, you are doing the very best you can. The way I would answer if it were me is: Thank you, officer. I understand your questions, but I’d rather have you ask me those when my attorney’s here. May I please call my attorney?

How can anybody argue with that? If you can put yourself in a position where you’re not combative, you’re not over-assertive, you’re simply saying, I’d like my attorney to be present, please. How is a jury going to look? Imagine you are sitting on the jury, and this guy is accused of something terrible. The first thing he says is all of the things you would expect him to say, but he reasonably says, I really would like to have my attorney here, please.

You’re not hiding behind your lawyer. You are not doing all the things that a police officer might accuse you of. You’re not doing the things that a jury or the news might accuse you of. You are saying, I really would rather have my attorney here, please.

That has an incredible impact on how a case is going to go forward, because A, you’re shutting up. Because all the videos on the internet are going to tell you, to hush your mouth, but do it in a way where it’s respectful, and you have effective results that I can use to help you out of the trouble that clearly, you are already in. I want to be in a situation where I said, my guy was polite. My guy was accused of this terrible thing, and the first thing he said was, may I please have my lawyer here? Not, I want my lawyer; not, I ain’t talking to you, cop, or any of those other stupid things that people do.

Be a person that a jury is watching. Be a person that a judge is watching. Be a person that simply says, I would like to have my lawyer there because then you’re a person who is asserting your rights, but not in a way where you have anything to hide because you don’t. Let me help you tell your story in a way where everyone begins to understand exactly what it is they need to know about you, about what happened to realize that maybe you’re not innocent, but you’re certainly not guilty.

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