Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession Of A Controlled Substance

Possession is the care, custody, control, or management of some substance or item usually referred to as “drugs” or “dope”. Substances are scheduled in to Five (5) categories and grouped in to Four (4) punishment categories. From prescription medications to “street drugs” like Methamphetamine, Molly, and Cocaine, a possession charge is an allegation that can change the entire trajectory of a young person’s life from college grad to drop out in a matter of a few quick poor choices.

Fighting an accusation of possession can be as technically sophisticated as arguing the nexus or link between the accused and the location of the suspected contraband to appealing to the better nature of programs designed to steer young people away from bad choices so that they keep their records clean, charges dismissed, and potential futures intact.

Hire an attorney who understands the law of search and seizure. Did the police properly speak with the accused? Was any conversation recorded or memorialized in a way where the accused’s rights were preserved? Was the search of the motor vehicle authorized under the law? Should the warrant issued to search the house have been signed by the judge? Or was the conduct of the officers so outside the accepted practice that a Federal Judge dismissed all charges due to officer’s misconduct?

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