Intoxication Assault or Manslaughter

This is the worst case scenario. A person is hurt or killed in a motor vehicle accident and someone was drinking alcohol. The presumption made by law enforcement is that the accident was caused by the person who was drinking while driving.

That is not the law.

The law requires that the accused be charged with a felony if the accused is proven to be intoxicated and by reason of that intoxication causes the injury or death of another person. When a person dies as a result of a mistake or accident and law enforcement accuses you of being the cause because of your choice to drink alcohol, hire an attorney with experience trying cases involving the delicate matter of someone’s death.

The story of the accident is often told by the marks on the pavement. Hire an attorney who has worked with accident reconstruction officers and private experts and understands how to use the evidence at hand, in the photos and on the ground, to demonstrate how the physics of the circumstance tells the story rather than the theory of the officer looking to convict someone.