Offenses involving Sexual Misconduct

Offenses Involving Sexual Misconduct

From Indecent Exposure to accusations of non-consensual sexual activity, these charges forever change the lives of the accused. Because of the slanderous effect the allegations alone can have on an innocent person, you must retain an attorney as soon as possible to protect your reputation, your livelihood, and your integrity.

These cases more than any other drive an officer to focus a laser of suspicion against the target the officer presumes to be guilty in a confirmation of their initial bias that can be impossible for a good cop to shake off. As a result, these cases more often than any other become witch hunts with no regard to other facts, factors, or information that would lead a reasonably skeptical mind to question whether or not a person has been wrongfully accused.

All of these points are magnified and multiplied if the accusations involve sexual conduct with children. Hire an attorney who has successfully prosecuted and defended these abhorrent charges.

Hire an attorney who has represented people who are innocent of these charges, and represented people who were guilty of these charges but still deserved compassion as well.

Hire an attorney who will treat you like a human being, regardless of the accusations.