Federal Offenses

Federal Offenses

When the Federal Government suspects that you’ve committed a crime, most citizens believe that the investigation must be air-tight and that you better plead guilty as soon as possible.

This is absolutely not the case.

While the majority of Federal cases do end in a plea, this does not mean that you have to fold without a fight. Hire an attorney who has tried Federal Cases. Hire an attorney who has WON in Federal Court by demanding that a Judge exclude more than Seven (7) Kilograms of Heroin because the Dallas Police department’s procedures at the Downtown Bus Station were RACIST and improper. (tackling my client on a “hunch” because he was one of the only two black men in the station all night.)

Conspiracy Cases

When the Federal Government wants to claim that because you may have been involved in a single drug transaction, you qualify as a participant in some multi person drug trade organization, hire an attorney with experience differentiating your responsibility in these cases.

Severing out your conduct from the organization can be vital to protecting you from over reaching mandatory minimums and can provide you with the best mitigation evidence to reduce your consequences.